Apple could buy Shazam, the music recognition application

Shazam is an application well known to many millions of users who thanks to it have been able to know a lot of songs that did not know the title. A music recognition application capable of telling us the title of that song we love but don’t know. Now it looks like Apple wants to grab it and take it on an exclusive basis.

Apparently Apple’s people are right now in negotiations with Shazam’s people to buy the application that would help the company strengthen the music sector within their own business. The negotiations appear to be so advanced, that the agreement could be signed next week and we could even have an official announcement next Monday.

Shazam image

Shazam in the hands of Apple people

The figure that e will pay for the platform is unknown, but of course there are those who talk about numbers, and these are not small. Cupertino’s are said to pay up to $400 million for the music recognition platform. A platform that, as everyone knows, not only serves to identify songs, but can do the same with movies or television programs.

In any case, many already believe that what Apple wants to buy Shazam is undoubtedly to further strengthen its music platform Apple Music and that both are integrated in some way. The truth is that what may arise from this purchase could be really interesting for all users of the bitten apple products.


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