Apple launches iOS 11.2 for everyone, resolves Data-Bug (recommended update)

Apple has released the new iOS upgrade to version 11.2, the second most important release since iOS 11 came to compatible devices. It arrives a month after iOS 11.1 and brings with it some new features and a fix to a problem that has arisen in the last few hours, the Data-Bug.

As reported in changelog, comes the introduction Pay Cash for sending and receiving money, also comes a faster wireless Qi recharge (7.5W) for iPhone X and the two models of iPhone 8. At the interface level, a new bar is inserted in the top right-hand corner of the locking screen to make the gesture position clearer for the Control Center on iPhone X.

image iOS 11.2

Other new features of iOS 11.2

Two pop-up windows are also introduced that will be displayed when Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned off from the Control Center, reminding us that deactivation will only be temporary. Then there is the resolution of a very recent problem found in the last few hours, the Data-Bug. Numerous global reports reported on a new “Data Bug” affecting the updated devices in iOS 11.1.2, the latest distribution available to users until a few hours ago. It appears that notifications relating to local requests received after 12.15 a. m. on 2 December may lead to a number of problems, crashes and device restarts.

The problem seemed to be related to local notifications and not to those received remotely, i. e. all those automatic reminders related to the content installed on your iPhone. The arrival of iOS 11.2 solves this problem, so we strongly recommend upgrading! In the event that more information about any new information is introduced, we will keep you informed. iOS 11.2 is available through OTA or iTunes.

Changelog iOS 11.2

iOS 11.2 introduces Apple Pay Cash to send, request, and receive money from friends and family with Apple Pay. This update also includes bug fixes and improvements.

    • Apple Pay Cash (US Only)
      • Send, request, and receive money from friends and family with Apple Pay in Messages or by asking Siri
    • Other improvements and fixes
      • Adds support for faster wireless charging on iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X with compatible third-party accessories
      • Introduces three new Live wallpapers for iPhone X
      • Improves video camera stabilization
      • Adds support in Podcasts to automatically advance to the next episode from the same show
      • Adds support in HealthKit for downhill snow sports distance as a data type
      • Fixes an issue that could cause Mail to appear to be checking for new messages even when a download is complete
      • Fixes an issue that could cause cleared Mail notifications from Exchange accounts to reappear
      • Improves stability in Calendar
      • Resolves an issue where Settings could open to a blank screen
      • Fixes an issue that could prevent swiping to Today View or Camera from the Lock Screen
      • Addresses an issue that could prevent Music controls from displaying on the Lock Screen
      • Fixes an issue that could cause app icons to be arranged incorrectly on the Home Screen
      • Addresses an issue that could prevent users from deleting recent photos when iCloud storage is exceeded
      • Addresses an issue where Find My iPhone sometimes wouldn’t display a map
      • Fixes an issue in Messages where the keyboard could overlap the most recent message
      • Fixes an issue in Calculator where typing numbers rapidly could lead to incorrect results
      • Addressed an issue where the keyboard could respond slowly
      • Adds support for real-time text (RTT) phone calls for the deaf and hard of hearing
      • Improves VoiceOver stability in Messages, Settings, App Store, and Music
      • Resolves an issue that prevented VoiceOver from announcing incoming Notifications

To download the latest version of iOS, simply manually check for updates by following the path Settings > General > Software Updates.


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