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Baby WhatsApp 4.0: Super Mini WhatsApp Mods is Updated

19th July 2020

Baby WhatsApp, possibly the most mini WhatsApp MODs available, has just been updated to the latest version 4.0. This is an update that although it doesn’t have a big list of new features, it is important, since its base has been updated to one of the latest official application, in addition to adding a new feature.

This mini modification has no customization options, that’s why it’s so light and simple, but it does have all the privacy options imaginable, making us totally invisible. It also has several options to send multimedia files, possibility to download states or send messages to numbers that are not in our agenda.

Baby WhatsApp image

What’s new in Baby WhatsApp 4.0

Don’t expect big news in mini WhatsApp MODs, for big updates better watch out for Fouad WhatsApp. This kind of applications, being so simple, do not include big news, only base updates, very important, and some extra features, besides the typical bug fixes.

Here is the complete list of what’s new in Baby WhatsApp 4.0:

  • Base updated to version
  • DND mode (it seems that in this version it doesn’t work properly)
  • Fixed some bugs

Download WhatsApp Baby 4.0

Before downloading you should have a few considerations if you are going to install it for the first time. First you should backup your chats, delete the WhatsApp or modification you have installed and enable the option to install applications from unknown sources on your Android device.

Baby WhatsApp 4.0

If you want to download Baby WhatsApp you only have one package or APK, the com.whatsapp package, so you can only install this MOD as your main number. It is possible that in future updates your developer will release new packages so that you can install the modification as an extra number as well.

Download Baby WhatsApp > com.whatsapp