Baby WhatsApp 7.0: the smallest modification of all

Baby WhatsApp is possibly the lightest and easiest modification available, and it doesn’t have any customization options, so if you like the user interface of the original application, and also want to have privacy options and some extra features, this WhatsApp MOD is just what you’re looking for.

There are many other Mini WhatsApp Mods, such as WhatsApp GO – possibly the best there is – or even CooCoo WhatsApp which does allow us to tweak the user interface with some customization options, and even allows us to install themes from its free theme store.

Baby WhatsApp image


It doesn’t have any customization options, but it does have extra features to be able to send multimedia files with total quality and so on, as well as many other privacy options that we can configure to become totally invisible when we enter the application.

Baby WhatsApp features image

The privacy can be configured in general mode from “menu > Privacy > Privacy”, or we can also configure the privacy individually from the info of each contact or group. The privacy options we can find are:

  • Hide Last Seen: Hides our status and we won’t appear online.
  • Blue on reply: The ticks will only turn blue when we reply.
  • Anti Revoke: We can see the messages deleted by our contacts.
  • Hide Forward: Allows you to forward messages without a forwarding label.
  • Hide Status: Hides our visit to the status of our contacts.
  • Hide Blue Tick: Hides the blue ticks of read messages from our contacts, we will see theirs.
  • Hide Double Tick: Hides the second message tick received from our contacts, we will see theirs.
  • Hide Playing: Hides the fact that we have heard an audio.
  • Hide Typing: Hides when we are typing a message.
  • Hide Recording: Hides the fact that we are recording an audio.

Other extra features that we can find in Baby WhatsApp are the Do Not Disturb mode, leaving only WhatsApp without internet, the possibility to send a message or make calls to a number that we do not have in the phonebook, download States and all the functions, even some hidden ones, of the original WhatsApp, like activating the dark mode.

New Baby WhatsApp 7.0

As this is a mini WhatsApp MOD, the new features that we can find in each new update are usually not very abundant, but sometimes they can be very interesting, especially when updating the base of the application, introducing all the new features that it can carry.

Baby WhatsApp 7.0 image

The complete list of what’s new in Baby WhatsApp 7.0 is the following:

  • Version 7.0:
    • Base Updated to
    • Fix Some Bugs
  • Version 6.0:
    • Base Updated to
    • Fix Some Bugs
  • Version 5.0:
    • Base Updated to version
    • Fixed Anti revoke and icon
    • Fix Some Bugs
  • Version 4.0:
    • Base updated to version
    • DND mode (it seems that in this version it doesn’t work properly)
    • Fixed some bugs

How to Install or Update

To install Baby WhatsApp for the first time we must follow a series of essential but very simple steps that we leave you with below:

  1. Back up our conversations and so on to
  2. Uninstall the original WhatsApp or modification that is installed on the number where we want to install this modification.
  3. Activate the option to install applications from unknown sources. This is usually located in
  4. Download the package or APK of the application to install.
  5. Click on the package or APK to start the installation and verify the phone number.
  6. Accept permissions and so on and write the name or nick you want to use.
  7. Ready, it’s already installed

However, to update Baby WhatsApp the steps to follow are simpler, we simply download the same package or APK that we have installed in its latest version and click it to install it, without the need to uninstall or verify anything.

Download Baby WhatsApp 2021

We have only one package to download Baby WhatsApp 2021, the com.whatsapp package, which we can install as our main WhatsApp for Android account number. Perhaps, in future updates your developer will put in more packages so we can install it as an extra number.

Here is the direct download link:

Download Baby WhatsApp 7.0 > com.whatsapp