BlackBerry will have to pay $137 million to Nokia for missed payment

BlackBerry will have to pay $137 million to Nokia. The International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce states that the Canadian company will pay the Finnish company a sum in compensation for the non-payment of a patent license agreement between the parties.

In response, BlackBerry addresses the case of the complaint filed against Nokia earlier this year, accusing the Scandinavian company of using telecommunications technologies on some of its devices without paying royalties.

Nokia image

BlackBerry counterattacks

Today as then, BlackBerry claims financial compensation for the infringement of 11 patents. Nokia’s answer was: “Nokia continues to believe that BlackBerry’s claims of patent infringement by Nokia have no value”.

It remains to be seen how the Court will behave in response to CEO John Chen’s new request to monetize the company’s intellectual property as much as possible to regain its destiny after a period of economic and financial crisis that has led BlackBerry to revolutionize its core business by focusing on the provision of brand licensing to TCL, cybersecurity, software and self-guided guidance. Less than a month ago, the CEO had announced that the company would now be “out of harm’s way”.


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