BriWhatsApp Mini has just been updated to version 7.00

BriWhatsApp Mini is one of the best mini modifications of WhatsApp available, with extra privacy options and some extra features. As it has no customization options the application is really very light, which makes it very easy to use, a must have feature in any mini modification.

Without a doubt this is one of the best mini modifications of WhatsApp, it works really great, and although it is not as popular as other mini MODs such as WhatsApp GO or YoWhatsApp Mini, we can say that very soon it will be at the same level as all of them, even surpassing them in many cases.

BriWhatsApp Mini image


As we have already mentioned, it has no customization, a feature that has all the mimi modifications, however we can highlight is that it is constantly being updated, with bases of WhatsApp for Android very current, so we will find the latest news of the official application.

Its other strong point is the extra privacy options, it really has all imaginable, making us totally invisible with its multiple privacy options. It also has extra features like being able to send messages to unknown numbers or select text easily, and more to come soon.

New BriWhatsApp Mini 7.00

Like any other mini modification of WhatsApp, its list of new features is usually small, but with interesting novelties, such as base changes or new functions. The list of what’s new in BriWhatsApp Mini 7.00 is as follows:

  • Version 7.00:
    • [Base] Base Update (Playstore)
      [Added] Option Theme Blue in BRIWA Settings
      [Added] Crash Log
      [Added] Android 10 support
      [Added] New option privacy (Always Online)
      [Fixed] Bugs from the past version
      [Misc] And more…..
  • Version 6.00:
    • [Base] Updated to
    • [Added] Status Splitter (30 second status cutter)
    • [Added] Home Style (Old Ui 2014)
    • [Added] Now you can share the status of your contacts on other social networks (3 points > Share…)
    • [Added] New Emojis
    • [Enabled] Some hidden features
    • [Fixed] Download your contacts’ statuses even if the contact is muted
    • [Fixed] Errors detected in the last version
  • Version 5.00:
    • [Base] New base updated to
    • [Added] Custom background color when writing a status
    • [Fixed] Errors detected in the last version
  • Version 4.00:
    • [Base] New base updated to
    • [Added] Icon of 🚫 when a status is removed
    • [Fixed] Flickering on the conversation screen
    • [Improved] Separate anti-delete status and message option
    • [Added] Option to deactivate calls (While this is active you cannot make calls)
    • [Added] Mark states as seen
    • [Fixed] Data drainage and battery
  • Version 3.10:
    • [Improved] Performance & Optimisation
    • [Added] New Possibility to select the text in a conversation
  • Version 2.00:
    • [Base] New Base updated to
    • [Added] Send message to a contact who is not in the agenda
    • [Added] Delete icon 🚫 when a message is deleted
    • [Added] Possibility of setting more than 3 chats
    • [Removed] Splash Screen
    • [Fixed] Errors in version 1.00

How to Install or Update

If you want to install BriWhatsApp Mini for the first time, then you will have to follow a series of steps so as not to have any problems in the installation. The steps are the following:

  1. Make a local backup, on Google Drive it does not work. So go to “Settings > Chats > Backup” and click on Save.
  2. Uninstall the WhatsApp installed in the number where you want to install.
  3. Activate the option “install applications from unknown sources” from the security settings of our Android device.
  4. Download the installation package and click on it.
  5. Allow all permissions. Once we verify our number then restore the backup.
  6. Enter our name or nickname and when the backup frequency appears on Google Drive click on Never.

If you already had a previous version and want to update BriWhatsApp Mini then the steps are very simple. Simply download the package you have installed and click on it, without deleting or verifying anything.

Download BriWhatsApp Mini

There is only one package to download BriWhatsApp Mini, the com.whatsapp package, so we can only install it as our main WhatsApp account number. New packages will be added in future updates to install it as a secondary or extra number.

BriWhatsApp Mini 7.00

Below are the download links:

Download BriWhatsApp Mini 7.00 > com.whatsapp