Chrome 63 for Android: more attention to website authorization requests

Google is almost ready to release version 63 of Chrome for Android, ahead of variants for Mac, Windows and Linux. Among the novelties we will find in this update, the first one refers to a new dialog box that allows us to better manage authorizations of websites, a slight restyling of the page related to advanced controls chrome://flags and a new introductory warning for Chrome Home.

In order to reduce excessive requests for website permissions, Google has decided to focus user attention through a central screen, which allows you to manually adjust the permissions of a particular webpage. The previous banner, which appeared at the bottom of the site, was all too often ignored. According to Google, the center’s new pop-up window makes users five times more likely to grant or deny access to a particular request.

Chrome 63 for Android

Other enhancements to Chrome 63 for Android

Chrome 63 also offers a graphical redesign of the chrome://flags page, reserved for experimental functions. From this version on, you can use a convenient search bar, buttons and larger tabs to separate the available experimental functions from those that are not available.

Another small novelty of this version is the new JavaScript device memory API, which allows sites to determine the total RAM of their device. In this way, developers can propose a “dispute” version of the site to improve the overall browsing experience.

Chrome 63 image

Google Chrome 63 for Android will be published in the next few days/week, as always through Google Play Store.

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