Chrome 64 for Android adds support for parallel downloads

Version 64 of Google Chrome for Android should include support for parallel downloads: this means that the browser will split a single download into several sequences, in order to improve the waiting times, speed and exploitation of system resources.

It was the xda developers who discovered it, after discovering HDR support and exporting passwords. In this case, it was also enough to navigate through the meanders of the browser’s source code in order to discover the expected parallel downloads.

image google chrome

Try parallel downloads on Chrome 64 for Android

The confirmation says that the mechanism is triggered if the download takes more than two seconds; the work is divided into three sequences. According to the description, it will be enabled in all users from Chrome 64 onwards. Please note that version 63 has been available in both the mobile and desktop versions for a few days now, and that the release rate for new versions is usually monthly/bi-monthly.

Whoever is on a test channel (Beta/Canary/Dev/Nightly) of Chrome 64 can test the function immediately by going to chrome://flags#chrome-parallel-download. It has been circulating in the browser code for some time, but apparently only now has it reached the maturity desired by Google.


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