Clash Royale prepares a great update with many new features

Without a doubt, one of the most powerful games left to be found in app stores and games market is Clash Royale, as it has millions of players around the world and has even managed to participate in an eSports meeting for everyone. Now those responsible for this card game are preparing what appears to be their big update to enter in 2018.

The update has not yet been launched, but Supercell’s people have already detailed the news that will come soon to Clash Royale, and also others who have not wanted to advance and that can be a surprise for the millions of players. Among the novelties that will come soon include new sand, two new cards and three new chests.

image update by Clash Royale

What’s new in the Clash Royale update

Among the great novelties that come to Clash Royale without a doubt the most important is a new arena they have called Electro-Valle and will be accessible to those who have up to 3,400 trophies. Sand number 12 will then be the Legendary Arena. In addition, two new cards were announced called Hunter and Zappies.

This is not the end of the story, as three new trophies have been announced: Lightning chest, Chest of fortune and King’s chest. In addition the latter has a variety that has been called Chest of the legendary king. We will also have new challenges and enhancers, and minor changes including epic and legendary cards will appear with more frequencies, the daily challenge will be always active and there will be balance changes.

The Clash Royale update should be coming soon as it is not yet available for download from Google Play, but we imagine that before Christmas starts we will be able to announce it officially.

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