CooCoo WhatsApp 5.1.0: Best Mini MODs is updated

CooCoo WhatsApp is possibly one of the two best Mini WhatsApp MODs available today, where despite not being a “complete” modification, it has all the features you could wish for in this type of application, the ones that are fair and necessary for many.

Being a Mini WhatsApp MOD does not have hundreds of customization options, which is to be welcomed because many times the developers get “excited”, putting too many options that in the end end end up making the application too complex and messy.

CooCoo WhatsApp


Despite being labelled as Mini, CooCoo WhatsApp is capable of competing with any other Whatsapp PLUS we keep you informed about, because in its simplicity lies its success, and furthermore, it is an original modification, it does not depend on any, not even Fouad WhatsApp, like the vast majority.

Regarding privacy, it has all the options we can ask from this type of application, such as hiding the reading of messages or statuses, freezing the time of the last time we entered, seeing deleted messages and many more that you will find in the privacy option.


And if we talk about personalization, we can find hundreds of themes, including excellent transparent themes, which we can customize to our liking and make them unique thanks to their personalization options.

Other options or extra functions that we can find are for example the beauty filter in video calls or other texture effect filters, plus a quick access button to the main functions in the lower right of the home screen (+) or even the possibility of downloading the States, online toasts, chat with number not saved in our agenda, etc.

What’s new in CooCoo WhatsApp 5.1.0

The latest available version of the application, version 5.1.0, has added new base and fixed several bugs found in the previous version. The basis of the application remains the same, version 2.20.189 of WhatsApp for Android, so we can make video calls or calls of up to 8 participants.

The complete and official list of what’s new in CooCoo WhatsApp 5.1.0 is as follows:

  • Version 5.1.0:
    • [New Base] Updated to 2.20.189
    • [Added] Urdu and Turkish
    • [Fixed] Restart in Android 10
  • Version 4.7.0:
    • [Added] About Page
    • [Fixed] Remove annoying theme images in gallery
    • [Fixed] Multiple Crash Fixed
    • [Fixed] Some UI issues
    • [Fixed] Fixed bug about Arabic

How to Install or Update

If you want to install CooCoo WhatsApp for the first time, then it is recommended that you follow the steps below:

  1. Back up your chats by going to Settings > Chats > Backup and clicking “Save” (Google Drive backups are not suitable for editing).
  2. Uninstall the WhatsApp or modification you have in the number where you are going to install CooCoo WhatsApp.
  3. If you don’t already have it, you can install applications from unknown sources on your Android device by checking the option in Phone Settings > Security.
  4. Download the package or APK of the modification you want to install, depending on whether you want it as a main or extra number.
  5. Click on the APK or download package to start the installation, and on the first screen do not click on Restore.
  6. After verifying your number you can restore the backup.
  7. Write your nick and that’s it, you’re done.

To update CooCoo WhatsApp to the latest version 5.1.0 the process is much easier, we simply download the same package that we have installed on our Android device, and click on it to install it. You don’t need to uninstall anything, but it is recommended to backup your conversations.

Download CooCoo WhatsApp

To download CooCoo WhatsApp we have 2 packages, which we can choose depending on where we want to install the application. So, if we want to install it as a main number, we will use the package or APk com.whatsapp, to install as an extra number we will use the package com.cocowhatsapp.

Below are the direct download links for both packages:

Download CooCoo WhatsApp 5.1.0 > com.whatsapp | com.cocowhatsapp

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