Facebook announces Messenger Kids with Parental Controls and No Advertising

Facebook has released Messenger Kids in the United States, a new application – currently available only on iOS – that allows children to approach the use of social communication systems without dangerously exposing themselves to network traps, but not “the net”.

Messenger Kids, currently in the draft version, is designed for all children under 13 and does not require the creation of a personal profile. In fact, it will be the parent who has to download the application and enable a mini-profile directly from his or her account, with which the child can only chat with contacts authorized by the family member. In short, the goal of Messenger Kids is to put a practical communication tool in the hands of the little ones, without this being able to escape the control of the attentive parent.

Messenger Kids image

Messenger Kids, more hours online for your kids

All mini-Account settings will be managed through the Facebook application on your parents’ smartphone and the Messenger Kids client will not collect any data for advertising purposes, as it is also not free of ads. This is certainly an interesting tool, although I personally do not like the idea, given the rapid spread of smartphones among children of all ages.



Instead of offering an open and potentially dangerous platform like Messenger, Facebook has chosen to anticipate the times by offering a familiar tool that can simplify family communication without risks and put everything necessary in the hands of parents to effectively control their children’s activity.



Messenger Kids will also be available for Android, probably on the occasion of the official launch of the service. At the moment, there are no details on the distribution of applications outside the US, but we are sure that it could also be very well received in our market.


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