Facebook launches Snooze feature to silence contacts

Facebook has just launched a new feature called Snooze, which is basically used to temporarily silence our contacts. Users of the large social network already have in their hands a tool with which they will be able to download from the heavy and repetitive publications of some somewhat annoying contacts.

This tool that launches Facebook has already been tested with some users since last September and will allow users to silence a user who becomes very heavy with their publications but we do not want to stop following for whatever reason. Snooze can be said to be a temporary Unfollow that will not be reflected in the account and that allows us to silence a contact for a certain period of time ranging from 24 hours to a month. Or even keep him away from us for as long as we want.

image facebook snooze

How Snooze works within Facebook

To start Snooze we simply have to look for the drop down arrow that we will find in the upper right corner of the Facebook interface, and when deploying it we will find several options among which is the Snooze option that we must choose.

This option will let us know how long it will take to finish the kiss at this heavy contact and let your publications appear again and start bombarding us. Undoubtedly a good option to rest from the photos of young children of that couple who have just become parents and are getting really heavy.


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