Facebook Messenger for Windows 10 is aesthetically updated

Facebook Messenger for Windows 10 seems like it’s not going to lag behind Microsoft’s messaging application on other platforms so what it was playing was a good update. And this update brings the messaging application to its version 139.1258.62743 with improvements that certainly should be considered aesthetic.

In this update of Facebook Messenger for Windows 10 we are going to find changes at the design level that undoubtedly greatly improve the use of the application by all users. Among the improvements without a doubt, it is worth highlighting the change of site of the direct access to the contact search, which will make this action much easier.

image Facebook Messenger for Windows 10

Changes in Facebook Messenger for Windows 10

Other changes to highlight within the update of the messaging service are for example when searching for an icon or sticker in the gallery. Now let’s see how it opens a space at the bottom of the screen with the items we have available at that time.

These can be said to be the most obvious changes within the update of Facebook Messenger for Windows 10 at an aesthetic level, and it is also assumed that improvements have been made at the level of internal bug fixes and application usage stability. We’ll notice that soon enough when we make intense use of the application.

Download Facebook Messenger Windows 10 | Windows Store


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