Facebook Messenger lets us import contacts from Instagram

Facebook is testing a new option within its instant messaging service Facebook Messenger that will allow users to import contacts from another service such as Instagram. An option that at the moment seems to be only in evidence, but which suggests that it will soon be definitively implanted.

Somehow, a gateway will be created between Facebook Messenger and Instagram that will allow all contacts to be on a single service without the latter being included in the Facebook messaging service. In addition, the figures for users of the social network of the photographs invite them to take users to other services of the house, as we are talking about no less than 375 million active users.

image instagram

Instagram and Facebook Messenger closer than ever before

To be able to take an Instagram contact to Facebook Messenger you will have to go to the Contacts tab, within the instant messaging service, and there you will find the new option called Connect to Instagram. Clicking on this option links the two accounts and we can import contacts from one to another service.

Contacts that keep track of each other will be imported, and for new Facebook Messenger users there will be an option from registration to import contacts available from Instagram. At the moment there is no official announcement for the launch of the new option, although it will certainly not be long before we know when it will be launched.


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