Facebook tests a new Captcha with the upload of a selfie

Facebook is testing a new anti-bot verification system (“captcha”) that forces the user to submit a photo of themselves, which clearly shows their face, a selfie to clarify. At the moment, there are very few confirmatory reports, suggesting that the test is carried out on a limited number of people.

Once the photo is uploaded, Facebook will make sure it really belongs to the account owner. The photo will be permanently erased from the servers as soon as verification is done, assures the social network. It is not clear how long it takes: let us imagine that it is instantaneous or almost instantaneous, also because the whole process is carried out automatically: the only control that is carried out is whether the photo is unique or if it has already appeared on the Net.

image facebook selfie

Facebook doesn’t want any more fake or misleading content

A Facebook spokesperson said the feature “will uncover suspicious activity at various stages of site interaction with the site, including creating an account, sending friend requests, creating paid advertising campaigns, and creating and editing ads.

In other words: a new countermeasure against the dissemination of false and misleading content, and a direct response to widespread Russian interference with the social network during the 2016 U. S. presidential election. In short, even if this “super captcha” were to be definitely approved, it is likely that we will rarely see it, if at all.


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