Facebook will show how much time the user spends on the platform

Facebook is working on monitoring the time we spend on the platform. Clues have been discovered doing some reverse engineering in the Android app; it still doesn’t work or is accessible normally, but the track is solid.

A few months ago, Mark Zuckerberg himself said he would commit himself to improving the quality of time users spend on the platform, and “digital wellness” is a very important issue right now, as Google and Apple are announcing similar initiatives a few weeks apart.

Facebook image

Facebook already shows us the time we spent in the last 7 days

In its current state, the Facebook tool shows how much time has been spent on the platform in the last seven days, showing a partial for each day. You can set daily time thresholds and manage the behavior of notifications. Needless to say, the functions could change between now and the official presentation.

The same source of this scoop had observed a few weeks ago a very similar tool for Instagram. No wonder, since it always starts like this.

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