Fortnite for Android now available (with controversy) at Play Store

Fortnite for Android lands on the Play Store but Epic doesn’t seem particularly happy and criticizes Google accusing it of unfair practices that limit publishers’ freedom. Until now to get the popular battle royale in Android version it was in fact necessary to download the installer directly from the official website of the game since in addition to strictly economic issues, Epic wanted to maintain a “direct connection” with its players.

About two years after the game’s debut on Android devices, Epic, however, returns to his steps and publishes the title on the Play Store, not without controversy. In a statement released to Polygon the company’s top management emphasize that Google voluntarily hinders downloadable software outside of Google Play, putting them at a disadvantage.

Fortnite for Android now available (with controversy) at Play Store 1

Fortnite for Android arrives with controversy

Epic claims that through invasive pop-up security messages that scare users and the implementation of new systems including Google Play Protect – which aims to completely block software downloaded outside the Play Store – the Mountain View company restricts the freedom of publishers and software houses.

[…] We decided to make Fortnite for Android also available through Google Play Store. However, we will continue to maintain the Epic Games and Fortnite app outside of Google Play. We hope that Google will review its policies and business relationships in the future so that all developers are free to reach and trade with Android customers on the Play Store through open services, including payment services, that can compete on an equal footing.

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