Fortnite for Android prepares its arrival for the summer

Fortnite for Android will arrive this summer. Epic Games hopes to repeat its resounding debut the game had on Apple’s iOS. No less than $3.7 million in the first seven days of availability. The software company did not go into many details and did not provide a more precise calendar but it did talk about the new features that we users of the green robot platform will find.

However, in a long post, several new additions to the title have been discussed in detail, regardless of the mobile platform. As far as you can see, Fortnite for Android users are going to find a few improvements that will make this game really impressive.

Fortnite for Android

What’s new at Fortnite for Android

This is the list of new features that the company has announced for all platforms, so it is assumed that Fortnite for Android will also have them:

  • Customizable HUD, already in distribution.
  • Voice chat, in progress, in undeclared time. There will be a button on the screen where you can silence yourself, players outside your game or anyone else.
  • Controls and gameplay. In particular, Epic is working on better management of the Autorun and new ways of shooting.
  • Reduce the size of the installation: the patch size will also be reduced and the possibility of downloading background content will be added.
  • Optimize performance and power consumption: The goal is to improve graphics while maintaining the same performance and beautify a power-saving mode at the expense of less defined graphics.
  • Statistics. Epic is working to upgrade its servers and offer this feature on mobile phones.


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