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Fouad WhatsApp updated to new version 7.70

20th October 2018

The most famous remodel of YoWhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp, has just been updated to the new version 7.70. This is an update with many new features, where in addition to adding the new features that WhatsApp already have for Android and YoWhatsApp, also adds theirs.

Regarding the base, WhatsApp for Android 2.18.293, have been added the functions of scroll to answer, PiP mode, group calls and tagging of forwarded messages. Regarding YoWhatsApp, has added all the new features that we could already see in version 7.70.

Fouad WhatsApp 7.70

What’s new in Fouad WhatsApp 7.70

Apart from all the new features we have already mentioned, Fouad WhatsApp 7.70 has added a couple more, such as the activation of the tagging of suspicious links that our contacts send us, and the possibility of increasing the limit of sending documents up to 1GB.

Fouad WhatsApp 7.70

The complete list of news is as follows:

  • [Base Update] 2.18.293
  • [Exclusive] Know which new messages are deleted in chat (🚫)! Note: Anti-Delete must be activated (YoMods > Privacy > Anti-Delete messages)
  • [Enabled] Swipe to reply!
  • [Enabled] Group calls
  • [Enabled] Forwarded messages label
  • [Enabled] PiP – Watch YouTube videos without leaving Whatsapp!
  • [Enabled] Suspicious Link
  • [Added] Increase send documents size limit to 1 GB
  • [Added] Increase Delete For Everyone limit 10x (11 hrs)
  • [Added] Increased Forward select limit (for indian users)
  • [Added] Increased Multicast to 100
  • [Added] Voice note bar color (Option 3.1.28)
  • [Added] Voice note play button color (Option 3.1.29)
  • [Added] Support for themes with Home wallpaper in YoThemes Store
  • [Added] “Forwarded” tag automatically takes color
  • [Fixed] Per chat wallpaper (Option 3.3.0)
  • [Fixed] Proximity Sensor Option (5.0.4)
  • [Fixed] Call a number empty number crash
  • [Fixed] Elapsed time
  • [Improved] Lock Screen orientation (Portrait only)
  • [Improved] Moved Copy button instead of translate
  • [Temporary] Disabled pic outside for Audio messages
  • [Removed] Amiri Font
  • [] Other reported bugs

Download Fouad WhatsApp 7.70

As you can see below, there are several versions of the application available for download, depending if we want it or not with emojis changer, we will save some space, and if we want to install it as a main number, or second or third number even.

Download Fouad WhatsApp 7.70

Here you have all the links available to download Fouad WhatsApp 7.70: