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Fouad WhatsApp updated to new version 7.90

10th March 2019

Fouad WhatsApp, or FMWhatsApp, is one of the most popular WhatsApp Mods that exist, mainly thanks to the multiple customization options that incorporates on YoWhatsApp, the mod on which it is based, and today we finally have a new update, version 7.90, really very interesting.

Fouad WhatsApp 7.90 is based on version 2.19.34 of WhatsApp for Android, so we will find many new features over the previous version of the application, such as preview and add a sticker to your favorites without having to download the package or the new feature to reply privately group messages.

Fouad WhatsApp

What’s New in Fouad WhatsApp 7.90

The list of novelties is really gigantic, and is that in addition to the novelties of the new base, we must also add the novelties of the modification on which it is based, YoWhatsApp 7.90, where we already saw novelties such as seeing erased Status or “Tostadas” customized online.

And there is even more, and is that Fouad WhatsApp also includes its own exclusive news, such as the new MOD to pause internet for whatsapp only, option 5.0.6, which once activated we will have to restart the app, apart from many others related to the customization of the application.


The complete list of news from Fouad WhatsApp 7.90 is:

  • [Added] Meeting MOD to pause internet for whatsapp only (Option 5.0.6)
  • [Added] Change Date Pending msg in story color (Option 2.1.16)
  • [Added] Change Status Seen Circle color (Option 2.1.17)
  • [Added] Change Status UnSeen Circle color (Option 3.1.18)
  • [Added] Option to show/hide Muted Story updates (Option 2.3.9)
  • [Added] Option to show/hide Viewed Story updates (Option 2.3.10)
  • [Added] Option to show/hide Recent Story updates (Option 2.3.11)
  • [Added] Option to show/hide Frequently contacted (Option 3.3.9)
  • [Added] Option to show/hide Other contacts (Option 3.3.10)
  • [Added] Option to show/hide Recent chats (Option 3.3.11)
  • More corrections and improvements!

Download Fouad WhatsApp 7.90

As you can see below there are 3 different versions to download Fouad WhatsApp; as a main number, the com.whatsapp package, with which we will install the application as the main number of our WhatsApp account, or as an extra number, for which we will need an extra SIM or virtual number.

Fouad WhatsApp 7.90

If you install FMWhatsApp for the first time before do a backup of your conversations and uninstall the WhatsApp or modification that you have installed in the number where you want to install it.

Download FMWhatsApp 7.90 > As Main number (com.whatsapp) | As Extra number (com.fmwhatsapp) | As Extra number (com.gbwhatsapp)

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