Gboard 6.8 beta: handwriting and many other new features

Google has released a new update for the beta version of Gboard, one of the fastest and most reliable keyboards in the Android and iOS environment. Among the main novelties of this new update, which brings the application to version 6.8, we find support for handwriting, which until now was available through a separate application in Google Play.

Users can enter text manually on phones and tablets in over 97 different languages. To activate freehand writing, just go to the Gboard > Languages settings and choose your preferred input mode. Once selected, the application will download some of the required content for the first time.

image Gboard 6.8 beta

More news in Gboard 6.8 beta

But the news doesn’t stop here. Thanks to 9to5google colleagues, more details about the advent of future features are coming up, including: Ability to take advantage of handwriting in different modes: full-screen and half-screen, Motion Stills integration for quick creation and exchange of GIF and automatic correction of text after space.

The new version of Gboard with all the new features is available for downloading from Google Play, before we must become beta testers of the application to download the new beta version, also from APKMirror.

Download Gboard | Google Play (BETA Tester) | APKMirror


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