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GBWhatsApp 7.00 with new ANTI-BAN system

25th June 2019

We can now download the latest version of GBWhatsApp with new ANTI-BAN system. Specifically this is the new version 7.00, an update focused mainly on the anti-banning, with some correction of errors found in previous versions, like WhatsApp PLUS.

There are no new features, and is that even its base is still the same as in previous versions, ie version 2.19.17 of WhatsApp for Android, something old, but its developer promises an update very soon with new features and a more current base.


What’s new

As we have already mentioned, the great novelty of GBWhatsApp 7.00 is its new ANTI-BAN system, in addition to some corrections of errors listed below:

  • [ New ] Anti-Ban (If you got BAN before – Uninstall and Install This)
  • [ Fixed ] Hidden Chat Count Showing on Main Screen
  • [ Fixed ] Payments Color in Attach Menu
  • [ Fixed ] Crash When Open Chat on Some Devices
  • [ Extended ] Expiry for this Base
  • Many More Fixes

GBWhatsApp 7.00

How to install so as not to be Banned

For the ANTI-BAN system to work 100% it is recommended to make a clean installation, whether it has been banned before or not. So before installing the latest version we must make a backup of our chats, remove the WhatsApp or modification you have and install this latest version of GBWhatsApp.

And if you are going to install a WhatsApp Mods for the first time, follow the same steps as above: local backup, remove the WhatsApp or modification you have installed and install this new GBWhatsApp.

Download GBWhatsApp 7.00

In case you don’t know it yet, before installing GBWhatsApp you must know the set of instructions of your Android device, for it uses the Droid Hardware Info application. From the SYSTEM tab look for the instruction set of your device.

Finally, always remember to make a backup before installing the application. Also, if you install it for the first time before you must delete the WhatsApp or modification that you have installed in the number where you are going to install.

If you want to download the latest version of GBWhatsApp 7.00 below we leave the links:

Via > TeknePolis