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GBWhatsapp Plus is updated to version 6.0

1st December 2017

For those of you who don’t know yet, GBWhatsapp Plus, or GBWhatsApp+, is one of the most important variants that have emerged from another popular application, WhatsApp Plus, and now this interesting application has just received a good upgrade to version 6.0. We can say that with this update comes some really interesting news for all users.

If we need to point out something new in the GBWhatsapp update, this is definitely an option that our contact can’t delete any of the messages he has sent us, something that has just been launched from the official WhatsApp application and that has already given us a lot to talk about. Let’s review the new features that have arrived with this update.

image GBWhatsapp Plus

News and improvements in GBWhatsapp Plus

It should be noted that the new features included in GBWhatsapp Plus are the same as those included in the official version of WhatsApp, as is the option to share our location with other users in real time. We also find new features that come exclusively to this version of the application such as some filters for photographs and videos that we can apply before sending them.

We also have the option of programming automatic messages for multiple contacts. What’s more, we have the ability to customize the interface, send up to 100 documents at a time and patches that correct minor bugs that have been appearing in the application.

Download GBWhatsapp Plus on your smartphone

If you’re interested in download GBWhatsapp Plus, the first thing you should know is that it’s an application that you won’t find in Google Play, since it’s an application that violates the rules of the Android app store, so in a sense you’ll be taking a risk that you have to take. Once you have decided to install this message application you will need to download it from an external server.

image Download GBWhatsapp Plus

To install it, you must first uninstall the official WhatsApp application by first making a copy of your chats in Settings > Chats > Save Chats and then simply restore it. Activate the option to install applications from Unknown Origins within Settings > Security and you can easily install them once you have downloaded the APK from the application.

Download GBWhatsapp PLUS | APK


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