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GBWhatsApp Plus is updated to version 6.10

26th December 2017

We can now download GBWhatsApp Plus for Android in its latest and most recent version, released just a few hours ago. This is the new version 6.10, an update that brings quite a lot of new features, as usual, in addition to those that WhatsApp for Android already incorporates  in its stable version 2.17.427, which is the new base of the application.

If you don’t already know GBWhatsApp PLUS, in short, we can tell you that it is the best WhatsApp MOD that exists, that is, a modification of WhatsApp, just like the well-known WhatsApp PLUS. The application contains many extra features that the official application does not offer, besides the possibility of customizing it with hundreds of themes.

image GBWhatsApp PLUS

GBWhatsApp PLUS v6.10 News

In this new version of GBWhatsApp, in addition to correcting many bugs from previous versions, some interesting new features have been added, such as the new DND Mode, with which we can deactivate Internet only from WhatsApp, simply click on the WiFi icon next to the search option, top right.

Other very interesting novelties are the new emojis, as you can see in the screenshot, increasing the video limit of Status up to 7 minutes, several additional options to further customize the interface, such as the size and position of the FAB, the shortcut bar, options that appear when you click the + icon at the bottom of the chat screen.

Complete List of GBWhatsApp v6.10 Novelties

  • [ New ] Base Updated to 2.17.427
  • [ Added ] New Emojis
  • [ Exclusive ] DND Mode (Disable Internet only for WhatsApp) (Home Page – Header)
  • [ Added ] Option to Increase Video Limit in Status (Mod 5.6) (Stock Users will Only See 30 secs)
  • [ Exclusive ] Ability to identify Admin Msg in Group (Besides Number)
  • [ Exclusive ] Option to Change Fab Size (Mod 2.7.7)
  • [ Exclusive ] Option to Change Fab Location/Position (Mod 2.7.8)
  • [ Enabled ] Change Number Notification
  • [ Enabled ] Clock Sticker
  • [ Enabled ] Group Info Settings (Will Work when Enabled from Server)
  • [ Added ] Option to Hide DND Mode Icon (mod 2.1.10)
  • [ Added ] Option to Increase Video Limit in Status (Mod 5.6) (Stock Users will Only See 30 secs)
  • [ Improved ] Dialer (Now you can Edit, Copy, Paste Numbers)
  • [ Added ] German Language Support
  • [ Fixed ] Navigation Bar Color when Select any chat/message
  • [ Fixed ] Mod 6.2 when Send/Receive More than 1 pic.
  • [ Fixed ] Mod 6.11 for Android Oreo.
  • [ Fixed ] Play Videos in some devices
  • [ Fixed ] Crash when open Custom Privacy Chats
  • Many More Fixes…

Download GBWhatsApp PLUS on your device

image Download GBWhatsApp PLUS

If you have already installed some WhatsApp MODs or if you already have GBWhatsApp installed, simply download the version you want and install it, at the end of the article you have the links. If you’ve never installed GBWhatsApp and you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry, we’ll explain how to do it and what each version we leave you for.

Steps to download GBWhatsApp PLUS

  • Back up WhatsApp. Go to “Settings > Chats” and click on “Save Chats”.
  • Uninstall WhatsApp or any MOD you have from the application.
  • Activate the “Install from Unknown Origins” or “Unknown Fonts” option. Go to Phone Settings > Security.
  • Install the downloaded APK from the GBWhatsApp PLUS application. You will find the latest version at the end of this article.
  • Now you will have to follow all the steps from the same application. Restore conversations at the end, not at the beginning.
  • Click Restore Conversations. If you hang up looking for the copy, exit the application and log back in.
  • You have GBWhatsApp PLUS already installed!!.

As you can see at the end of the article there are 3 versions of GBWhatsApp PLUS. The first is to replace it with your current version of WhatsApp. The other two versions are to have 2 or 3 phone numbers respectively, and thus to have 2 or 3 different WhatsApp.

Finally, it should be noted that all topics included in GBWhatsApp PLUS submitted from the application itself will be uploaded to the OSMThemes application. You can download OSMThemes from here.

Descargar GBWhatsapp | GBWhatsApp Plus | GBWhatsApp2 | GBWhatsApp3

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