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GBWhatsApp Plus v6.40.1: Troubleshooting Errors

4th July 2018

GBWhatsApp Plus is upgraded to the latest version 6.40.1, an update that is only required on devices that have errors in application use, such as Xiaomi with MIUI. If you don’t have any problems using the application then you don’t need to upgrade.

So if you have a Xiaomi and you notice that GBWhatsApp is not working as it should, the solution is the new version 6.40.1, a minor update that fixes bugs in these devices, without adding any new features or functions to those already added in the previous version.

GBWhatsApp Plus v6.40.1

And very soon GBWhatsApp Plus v6.50 will be available

As we have already mentioned, version 6.40.1 only brings bug fixes for certain devices, but the new version 6.50 that we are already working on brings with it quite a few new features, as usual, such as the possibility of seeing the’❌’ symbol next to the message that is deleted, if the Anti Revoke function is enabled.

GBWhatsApp Plus v6.50

If you need to upgrade GBWhatsApp Plus to version 6.40.1, then simply download the latest version (although it says v6.40 is v6.40.1) and install the APK in the normal way, without having to delete or remove your current GBWhatsApp.

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