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GBWhatsApp Transparent Prime Receives New Update

5th December 2018

We can now download a new version of GBWhatsApp Transparent Prime, better known as WhatsApp Transparent. This is the latest version 6.70, which comes with 2 new features that may be useful to many users, and that many others may find totally irrelevant. 

This new version is still based on the latest version of GBWhatsApp, but now its developer has included a new heart button in the message box. If we press this button we will send a beating heart immediately to our contact.

Boom Messenger, another novelty in GBWhatsApp Transparent Prime

The other novelty of GBWhatsApp Transparent Prime is a new button that we can find next to the buttons to select emojis, gifs or sticker. This button, in the form of a pump and called Boom Messenger, will send the same message several times in a row to the contact with which we decide to try it.

We can download GBWhatsApp Transparent Prime as the main number, the com.whatsapp package, or as a secondary number, the com.gbwhatsapp package. Remember to back up your conversations before installing it and delete the WhatsApp or modification you have installed if it is different from this modification.

Download GBWhatsApp Transparent Prime 6.70GBWhatsApp Transparent (com.whatsapp) | GBWhatsApp Transparent 2 (com.gbwhatsapp)