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GBWhatsApp Transparent Prime updated to version 6.40

20th May 2018

We can now download GBWhatsApp Transparent Prime in its most current version, the new version 6.40. Without a doubt, this is one of the WhatsApp Mods that most attracts the attention of all users, and with this totally transparent theme it makes this modification a very unique application.

GBWhatsApp Transparent Prime is entirely based on GBWhatsApp, so the new features we can find in it are exactly the same as those found in the latest version of GBWhatsApp, version 6.30. We will soon have a new update of GBWhatsApp, version 6.40 is coming soon, so don’t miss our daily news, because we will announce it very soon.

GBWhatsApp Transparent Prime

What’s new in GBWhatsApp Transparent Prime?

Among the most important new features, the application is based on WhatsApp for Android 2.18.46 (penultimate stable update of the application), so we will find all the functions and new features that were added to the official application, but also find many extra features, as you can read below in the huge list of new features:

  • [ New ] Base Updated to 2.18.46
  • [ Super – Exclusive ] Notification of Revoked Message (Know Which Message was Revoked)
  • [ Exclusively Fixed ] Disable Heads-up for Oreo Users (Mod 6.11)
  • [ Exclusively Added Back ] Play Video in your Favourite Player (Mod 6.19)
  • [ Exclusive ] Added Group Description in Header Like Status
  • [ Enabled ] Group Description
  • [ Enabled ] Payments (You need to ask someone who is already payments activated to activate for you) (Country Specific)
  • [ Enabled ] Mention Button
  • [ Improved ] AutoReply
  • [ Added ] Option to Hide Group Description from Groups Header (Mod 1.2.66)
  • [ Added Back ] Option to Convert Video to GIF
  • [ Added ] Option to Edit Auto Reply Message
  • [ Added ] Option to Disable Header Vibration when Receive Message from Hidden Chat (Hidden Chats Page – Click on Settings Icon)
  • [ Added ] Option to Hide Count on Icon for Hidden Chat (Hidden Chats Page – Click on Settings Icon)
  • [ Added ] Option to Theme Starred Messages Screen (Mod 2.8)
  • [ Added ] Themed New Group Page
  • [ Added ] Themed New Broadcast Page
  • [ Added ] Themed Custom Chats Screen
  • [ Added ] Themed Scheduler Page
  • [ Added ] Option to Color Unsaved Participants Name in Group (Mod 1.2.67)
  • [ Added ] Online/Last Seen Text Size on Main Screen (Mod 2.2.30A)
  • [ Added ] Online/Last Seen Text Size on Contacts Screen (Mod 2.4.13A)
  • [ Fixed ] Hidden Chat counter Showing On Widget
  • [ Fixed ] Hidden Chat Opening from Group Info
  • [ Fixed ] Hidden Group Opening from Groups in Common
  • [ Fixed ] Delete AutoReply
  • [ Fixed ] Admin Caption (Mod 1.2.64)
  • Many More Fixes…

Download GBWhatsApp Transparent Prime  > GBWhatsApp+ Prime (com.whatsapp) | GBWhatsApp Prime (com.gbwhatsapp)


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