Google Allo, very interesting news coming soon

Google Allo recently upgraded to version 24 and, although the change log was limited to bug fixes and performance improvements, the internal analysis of the APK anticipates many of the upcoming developments that we will see later in the application.

When the file broke down shortly after the update, a number of lines of code emerged related to new features, such as the ability to contact others through your Google Account.

image Google Allo

Chat with Gmail contacts from Google Allo

Text strings suggest that users will be able to “chat with other Gmail contacts” and find them through their “name, email address, or phone number. Another novelty regarding group chats: from the next versions it will be possible to see user nicknames, shared multimedia content and related settings from new tabs.

Google Allo 24 image

Improvements suggest that also for sharing contacts, the. vcf file will no longer be displayed as a download, but recipients will immediately see the number and other contact details of the contact itself, via a direct link to start a new chat.

Other improvements in Google Allo

The option of activating the camera from Google Allo will also soon include flash management control at the top right of the camera, which you can automatically set up, turn off or turn on.

image Google Allo version 24

It has also revealed a redesigned toolbar, moved from top to bottom, that is easier to reach, thanks to the larger and more spaced buttons that allow you to share, copy, forward or delete a message. Finally, Google is working on new effects that will be applied through the camera, identified in some chains as “Face Rays”.

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