Google Hangouts Meet: updates to give teachers more control over calls

Google Hangouts Meet is updated and meets the needs of teachers. It is one of the services of the G Suite and G Suite for Education, and is dedicated to the creation and management of virtual meetings that can be connected to up to 250 users at the same time, making it especially useful in business and education.

At the moment, due to the confinement imposed by the current health emergency, services such as the one offered by Google are experiencing an increase in use.

Google Hangouts Meet

Google Hangouts Meet gives more power to the teacher

The update available from today for Hangouts Meet (all details in the link in the SOURCE) introduces some restrictions that help to reproduce more faithfully the relationship between teacher and students, limiting some actions.

Therefore, only the user who created the meeting or the owner of the calendar has the ability to “change” or delete other participants from the meeting. The benefits are obvious: this will prevent the most undisciplined students from silencing the teacher or taking him/her out of the meeting, slowing down and compromising the teaching activity.

In addition, participants in a meeting linked to a nickname will not be able to re-enter the meeting once the last participant has left.

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