Google Maps will improve the use of public transport

Many users of Google Maps are also public transport users and thanks to the application they are able to move freely between trains or buses. But now the people of Google have decided to make it even easier for the public transport user to use their application thanks to a system that will let us know when we arrive at our destination.

It is clear that anyone who uses public transport on a daily basis for the same route will not need it, but if we are travelling in an unknown place and use the train or bus to get around, it may be much more difficult for us to know which stop to get off at. This will be solved for Google Maps users with the next update of Google’s map service.

image Google Maps

Google Maps will help us on the train

A system that works for a long time when we travel by car or on foot and that allows us to know when we have reached our destination, will be launched in Google Maps when we use public transport. It will guide us step-by-step when we go by train or bus through voice notifications. It will also include warnings of which stop to get off when we arrive at our destination.

In this way we will not miss the stop where we have to get off and reach the destination without any problem. Another option that will arrive with the next update of Google Maps is the indications that we must follow in the block screen with a new design, being interactive from the same notification and being able to see the next indication of the route. At the moment it is not known when this next update will arrive, but it should only be a matter of days.

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