Google shows you if you look like a character in a famous picture

Everyone knows by now that Google’s database in any aspect is immense, including billions of paintings that have been painted throughout human history. So there’s nothing easier than taking your face and telling you if you look like a character in one of those millions of familiar paintings. To do this we just need to install the Google Arts & culture application and make a selfie.

With the Google Arts & culture application and one of our selfies we can know at a moment if we have any resemblance with a character in a painting hanging in a museum of the world. This application does not yet work in all countries, but many already point out that in a short time it will become something very viral coming from Google.

image Google Arts & culture

Google Arts & culture for everyone

Take a look at this application and above all at Twitter where there is already a hashtag (#GoogleArts)  where people are hanging the comparisons of their faces with that of famous picture characters. We can tell you that some of them are really curious because of the great resemblance.

In addition to finding the picture character that looks like you, Google Arts & culture tells us the percentage of resemblance we have with that character and also tells us where that picture is exposed where our double appears. We can install the Google application even if it doesn’t have the buyer, because it has very valuable information that has to do with art history.

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