Google, the site dedicated to the coronavirus is online: maps, tips, data and videos

Google, as expected, launches a site dedicated to the coronavirus health emergency. The portal is currently in an embryonic stage: the only language available is English, and the focus is obviously on the United States, although much of the information is generic and universal, such as advice on prevention.

In a statement on its blog (which can be accessed from the link on EIA), Google has specified that other languages will soon be available and has announced its intention to provide accessible and clear tools for those seeking information on the subject. Users are now turning first to a “protected” network of reliable, verified and highlighted information, in order to discourage the spread of false news (which, as we know, are more viral than the virus itself).

site dedicated to the coronavirus health emergency

The site has been built with a hierarchy of information, clarity and readability in all aspects, in fact Google has also adopted a larger than usual font to facilitate reading natively for the elderly and/or visually impaired.

There is a map showing confirmed cases by country, links to the websites of U.S. institutions, prevention tips also in the form of videos, and also a series of movies designed for home life, including smart work (by the way, check out our special if you haven’t already) and yoga sessions to ease anxiety.

COVID-19 google

Definitely a big step forward compared to the first moves that Google made in reaction to the spread of the epidemic, with that banner in the Play Store that referred to not very useful applications and in any case not directly related to COVID-19, and that had not really convinced us. A change of course that had already happened a long time ago, already with the open fight against misinformation in the Play Store.

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