Google will fight applications with abusive advertising

From Google it seems that they want to put the batteries in terms of applications and games and the media used by the developers of them to show advertising in their creations. One of the steps you’re going to take is to end applications that display advertising on the blocking screen. A type of advertising that can be very annoying, but which pays really well and also works.

From this moment on, Android applications that can’t prove a strong reason to incorporate advertising in the blocking screens, will not be able to enter Google Play. In this way we want to remove from the applications and games store those articles that make use of abusive advertising that shows large ads that do not let the user interact.

image applications with abusive advertising

Google Play and that annoying publicity

Google has just made an ad for all developers to remove this ad from the blocking screens so that it doesn’t affect users. There are many applications that use these methods, and all Google Play users are familiar with them.

And the truth is that this type of advertising is really abusive, because it makes the user must see no less than 100 times the logo of the advertising company, when the truth is that according to some studies, with seeing a logo of a brand three times a day, that advertising is already being really effective. Let’s hope we get rid of the heaviness of abusive advertising at once.


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