Honor, advanced 3D facial scanning and Animoji on future smartphones

Honor has announced that it is already working to integrate, in the near future, two unique features seen aboard the iPhone X: Face ID and Animoji. The confirmation came directly from the press conference at which the new Honor V10 was officially announced.

According to the Chinese company, it is ready to integrate “future innovations” that include several sensors for facial recognition on the front of the device including: Infrared camera, standard camera and VSEL projector (vertical cavity laser with surface emission).

Honor Face ID image

Honor wants to have the iPhone X in Android

Apparently, the camera uses so-called fringed 3D projection scanning to capture various details of the user’s face and create a real map. The system shown by Honor uses a resolution of 1280×800 to recreate a facial pattern with more than 300,000 points in 10 seconds. The screen should be unlocked in 400 milliseconds, slightly more than the fingerprint sensor.

While on the one hand all this can be used to unlock the smartphone (alias Face ID), on the other hand, Honor has not missed the opportunity to make its own version of the increasingly famous Animoji. Unlike Apple, as exemplified by the Chinese company itself, Honor’s Animoji could recognize the linguistic movement for more fun and realistic expressions.

animoji image of honor

Unfortunately, Honor has not released any information about the possible deployment date of these future smartphones.


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