How to Free Up Space in WhatsApp for Android Simply

Today we have a new Tip for WhatsApp, and we’re going to see how to free up space within WhatsApp for Android is as simple as following a few simple steps that won’t take us too long. In this way we will get a necessary space in our storage, since the instant messaging application is undoubtedly the one that end up occupying the most in our smartphone if we use it in a very continuous way.

In order to free up space on your smartphone, you simply use WhatsApp Settings for Android without having to rely on cumbersome third-party applications that would fill more space on your device. We will quickly get rid of conversations, pictures, videos, GIFs or audio messages that we no longer need and that are taking up much-needed space on our mobile device.

How to Free Up Space in WhatsApp

How to Free Up Space in WhatsApp for Android

The first thing we’ll do is go to “Settings > Data and Storage Usage > Storage Usage“. From there we will be able to check how much storage takes up all the conversations we have within the application. From there we will have to select that conversation in which we are going to free up space and see which files are taking up space in that conversation.

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Next we have to go to Manage Messages and deselect the type of files we don’t want to delete to free up space, as by default it is all selected. Once you have selected those files that you want to keep, click on Clear Messages and then we will see the space that is free within WhatsApp for Android. We’ve already freed up a lot of much-needed space on our smartphone.