Instagram allows you to remix photos sent to Direct

Instagram developers have announced several innovations for Android and iOS applications. From version 24 onwards, users will be able to “remix”, and mix photos of friends sent in Direct, modifying them to create an even more fun conversation.

Once we have received a message with a photo attached from a friend, we can touch the camera icon at the bottom and get an answer. So we can use that same image as an answer modifying it as we want with freehand drawings, effects and stickers to resize it. The same images can also be superimposed on each other, remixing photos from one side to the other.

image instagram remixer

Second Novelty in Instagram v24

Finally, the second novelty will allow users to manage playback times using two different modes: One View: To display the message only once, and Allow Replay: Allows you to view photos and videos several times with the pause option.

image instagram one view

Both new features will be available from version 24 of the Android and iOS applications, which will be distributed in Play Store and App Store respectively. For more information, visit Instagram Help Center.

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