Instagram already has the first publications within the feed

A few hours ago we started to talk about the option that Instagram offers to follow Hashtags and now we have another new option that the social network of the photographs is starting up in the last few hours. We are talking about the recommended publications in a new section they have called “Recommended for you“.

At the moment some Instagram users are already saying that they have started to see these recommended publications, but it seems that there is no official announcement yet. It is being tested in a small group of users and it will depend on the results if this option is extended to all users of the social network.

image instagram

The recommendations that Instagram will make to us

This Recommended for you section depends on certain criteria when suggesting a specific publication to the user. Some of these criteria may be content that other users like to follow within the social network of the photographs.

The truth is that this new option, without having been launched in Instagram, is already generating some controversy, since according to some this function can duplicate other similar functions within the social network and thus collapse the feed. So from what is said there will be an option to remove this function if we are not interested in its role and simply keep the publications of the people we follow.

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