Instagram, comes “You’re All Caught Up” in Feed

Instagram continues to add functionality to its Android and iOS applications. The last one, in order of appearance, refers to the possibility of knowing when we have finished seeing all the entries in our feed related to the last two days.

If you scroll through the feed, once the last picture is displayed, you’ll see this message: “You’re All Caught Up. You’ve seen all news post from the past 2 days“. Once you pass this warning, all old messages will be displayed.

image instagram

Instagram wants you to understand the feeds better

According to Instagram in a press release published on its official blog, users “it can be difficult to keep track of the posts displayed” and, thanks to this feature “you will have a better understanding of your feed and you will know that you have not lost any recent photos or videos”.


A function that, personally, I do not find useful enough. To have a better “understanding” of our feed, in my opinion, it would be more useful to show the posts of the people we follow in chronological order and not based on a series of algorithms.

Algorithms that, on the other hand, are useful to Instagram to give priority to monetization, showing the user posts more “in line” with their tastes, according to the “tastes” they have set and the involvement. The messages from the users you like the most will be the ones that tend to show up first.