Instagram presents Stories Highlights and Stories Archive

Instagram has released two features that are much awaited by all users who often use Stories. From today, in both Android and iOS, the popular social network has introduced Stories Highlights and Stories Archive. The second feature can be self-explanatory; it’s a private file where you can collect all expired Stories without having to download them locally on your smartphone.

Instagram, therefore, aims to reward all users or companies that invest time in creating well-kept Stories, allowing you to save in the cloud all those you want to keep even beyond the classic 24-hour deadline. All Stories Archive items can be shared quickly in the feed, such as direct messages or Featured messages. It is not possible to download the complete file, but it is possible for each individual story.

Image Instagram Stories Archive

Instagram Stories Highlights

The new story archive connects directly to the other introduced feature, i. e. the one that allows you to create Stories Highlights. This is the possibility of a real compilation of summarized Stories, in which the contents come from those previously saved in the Stories Archive.

image Instagram Stories Highlights

Stories Highlights allow us to share only some aspects of our profile, such as certain cooking services, specific stories or much more. In this case, the aim of the functionality is to offer a tool that allows to visualize the most outstanding aspects of a history or other content even at a distance, to reach the contacts that do not use the platform daily or to allow companies to create much more effective campaigns in the media.


Both Stories Highlights and Stories Archive features have begun to activate globally, so they should soon reach all user accounts in Android and iOS.

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