iPhone XR 2019 with two rear cameras, three on the 6.5-inch model

The new year arrives and the first rumors about the iPhone 2019 range begin, whose presentation is scheduled for September. This time the source is none other than The Wall Street Journal, which assumes the intention of the House of Cupertino to continue proposing a lineup consisting of three products, one with LCD screen and two OLEDs.

All 2019 iPhones, according to the report, will see an increase in the number of cameras on the back. The LCD model, direct successor to the iPhone XR, will be equipped with a dual rear photographic sensor such as the iPhone 2019 OLED 5.8 inches, while the high-end OLED 6.5 inches will even offer 3 cameras, in line with what other manufacturers have already proposed in 2018.

iPhone XR 2019 with two rear cameras, three on the 6.5-inch model 1

iPhone 2019: notch reduction and 3 rear cameras

According to the WSJ report, Apple has now defined all the main features of its iPhone 2019, suggesting that it would currently be quite problematic to make substantial changes. This means that the rumors that are now beginning to emerge are able to describe with some precision what Apple will only present towards the end of the year. On the contrary, the plans for 2020 are still badly defined and the company Cupertino could modify them in the race based on what will happen in the coming months.

iPhone 2019 image
The supposed back of the 6.5-inch iPhone 2019 with three cameras.

Continuing with the 2020 theme, the WSJ suggests that from next year Apple will definitely abandon the use of an LCD panel even for the cheapest model. It is not clear whether with the elimination of this distinctive element the alignment will continue to be composed of three different models, although the first rumors seem to confirm this intention.

In summary, the details of the 2019 alignment are already defined and we can expect new information on the main features to emerge in the coming weeks. The new features should be the reduction of the notch, the inclusion of the 3 rear cameras in at least one of the models and the introduction of a TOF sensor for the rear photographic module.