Microsoft launches HoloLens eyewear in 29 new countries

Microsoft put its HoloLens augmented reality glasses on sale in the United States some time ago and now 29 new countries are opening up to this particular product of the company. Very special glasses that, as we already know, are not within reach of any mortal.

And the price of the HoloLens reaches 3,000 dollars (depending on the country) for the edition of developers, and there is also a more commercial edition that has more features and have a price of 5,489 euros. As we have said, it is a product that, at least in moments, is not available to any normal technology user.

image HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens spread around the world

Right now Microsoft Augmented Reality glasses can already be purchased no less than 39 countries, 29 new from today. The good thing about this product is that they are not a virtual reality spectacles to use, because they are completely autonomous without the need to be connected to a computer, hence its price is also crazy. This is also why they are not aimed at just anyone, since the developers and companies will get the most out of them.

One field in which the HoloLens will succeed is in medicine, and especially surgery, although the scope of this new technology is yet to be seen. In any case, this is a device with enormous potential, but for the time being it does not apply to very large fields.

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