Monument Valley 2 and Lara Croft GO for Android FREE

If in these times when it is important to stay at home the last titles to play on the Android smartphone have been sold out, we point out two more games, with some years on the shoulders, which can be downloaded for free from the Play Store and thus add them to your collection.

Monument Valley 2 and Lara Croft GO, two titles that we have talked extensively in the past, can be purchased in fact for zero euros, directly from the Google store, probably for a limited period of time.

Monument Valley 2 for Android

Monument Valley 2 for Android

A very successful puzzle game, in this new version, available for iOS for a long time, the player will find himself manipulating architectural elements in a surreal world, guiding the two characters through the different paths to be unlocked according to the interactions with the environments. The normal price is about 5.49 euros.

Download Monument Valley 2 > Google Play

Lara Croft GO for Android

Lara Croft GO is also a title that probably many people know but, due to its high price, 6.99 euros, perhaps not many have tried it.

Characterized by a unique graphic style, isometric view and numerous puzzles to solve, Lara Croft GO for Android was developed and designed by the same team at Hitman GO. It is a turn-based adventure and puzzle game that takes place amidst ancient ruins and breathtaking landscapes, very different from the classic Tomb Raider game style.

Download Lara Croft GO > Google Play