Multi WhatsApp: 3 extra WhatsApp accounts

Very often you ask us if it is possible to use multiple WhatsApp accounts on one phone, and the answer is yes, but using WhatsApp Mods, but if you don’t want extra features and so on, then Multi WhatsApp is just what you were looking for.

With Multi WhatsApp we can have up to 3 extra WhatsApp accounts on a single phone, without the need to root it and without the need to install a WhastApp Mods. You only need, of course, phone numbers other than your main number, either via an extra SIM or virtual numbers.

Multi WhatsApp image

Multi WhatsApp version 2.18.230

Multi WhatsApp is based on WhastApp version 2.18.230 for Android, so we’ll have the same features as this official version of WhatsApp, no more, like the ones that allow only administrators to send messages in the groups they manage.

There are 3 different APKs of Multi WhatsApp, use each of them for an extra WhatsApp account, but not for your main WhatsApp account, or you will lose all your conversations and so on. Just download the ones you need and install them as normal.

Download Multi WhatsApp > WhatsApp2 | WhatsApp3 | WhatsApp4

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