Nokia 9 could be officially unveiled on January 19th

According to a breaking news report, Nokia and HMD Global will officially unveil their new Nokia 9 on January 19th. A news that comes to surprise from around the world who was looking forward to this official presentation, but according to the people who have leaked this date will not arrive alone. It looks like we could have two new smartphones in the same presentation and not just one.

According to mysmartprice people the people of Nokia and its partner HMD Global will present next January 19 the Nokia 9, but they also affirm, although at all times talk about rumors, that this new smartphone will come with a Nokia 8 by 2018. A new version of the Finnish flagship that we have known for months.

image nokia 9 with cover

The surprises that the Nokia 9 can bring

But not only is the Nokia 8 being talked about as a surprise for this official presentation, it is also said that the Nokia 9 could be released no less than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processors that the company has prepared for 2018. In addition, neither of these two new smartphones would have a headphone jack and both of them would have an 18:9 screen.

Nokia 9 image

Other rumours suggest that the final price of the Nokia 9 would be around 600 euros for a more basic model, reaching approximately 700 euros for the top of the range. In any case, we have to take the information with tweezers, because we are only talking about rumours without any great basis. In addition, such an important presentation after the Christmas campaign seems a little strange to us.


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