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NSWhatsApp 3D is updated to version 6.55

17th September 2018

NSWhatsApp 3D, undoubtedly one of the most striking WhatsApp Mods that exist, is updated to the new version 6.55 with lots of new features. Unlike other modifications, such as WhatsApp Plus, this mod based on GBWhatsApp does add extra functions.

As already mentioned, this update of NSWhatsApp 3D is based on the latest version of GBWhatsApp, but with a 3D interface and new functions, such as the new multichats option or the function that has been added to be able to set the state on the main screen, such as WAMOD.

NSWhatsApp 3D 6.55

Changelog NSWhatsApp 3D 6.55

The complete list of NSWhatsApp 3D 6.55 news, in addition to GBWhatsApp 6.55 news, is as follows:

  • New Base Updated to 2.18.203
  • Added some Fonts and Icons
  • Added Launcher and Invisible Notification Icon (Mod. 6.0.0 / 6.0.2)
  • Added Option of Multichats (Mod. 12.6)
  • Added the option Hide name in Conversations Header (Mod. 12.3)
  • Added the name of Option Right Talks Header (Mod. 12.3)
  • Added the Photo option in the Middle Header of Conversations (Mod. 12.3)
  • Added the Photo Option to the Right of the Conversations Header(Mod. 12.3)
  • Added Wamod Style (Mod. 12.7)
  • Added Status in Header Main Screen (Mod. 12.4)
  • Exclusive Know which Messages are Deleted Whenever you want (Go to Contact / Group Profile and Click Repealed Messages )
  • Removed separate application for themes
  • Removed Mod 6.8 as Old
  • Fixed revocation notification not displayed on some devices
  • Fixed Issues on Some Devices
  • Updated Italian and Portuguese language
  • Many other fixes

Download NSWhatsApp 3D 6.55

Download NSWhatsApp 3D is simpler than the current GBWhatsApp where we must know the set of instructions for our device. There are 3 versions of NSWhatsApp 3D: each of a different color.

So you can choose between Blue, to replace your current version of WhatsApp, Red as a second number and Yellow as a third number. To install the Red or Yellow version you don’t have to uninstall anything.

Download NSWhatsapp 3DNSWhatsApp Blue (com.whatsapp) | NSWhatsApp Red (com.gbwhatsapp) | NSWhatsApp Yellow (com.nswhatsapp)

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