RC-Fouad WhatsApp updated to version 7.70

We can now download RC-Fouad WhatsApp in its latest version, version 7.70. An update with a really impressive list of new features, which makes it, without a doubt, one of the best WhatsApp modifications that exist at the moment.

If we add the privacy of the WhatsApp Mod on which it is based, YoWhatsApp, to the customization that its developer, Richard Correa, has been adding, the result is a really complete application, with which we will be able to modify every last detail with respect to the original application.

RC-Fouad WhatsApp

What’s New in RC-Fouad WhatsApp 7.70

As you can see below, the complete list of novelties is really long, to which we should add all the novelties already included in YoWhatsApp 7.70. Here’s the list of news from RC-Fouad WhatsApp 7.70:

  • Variants of Home:
  • RC Home
  • RC Home iOS
  • RC Home Messenger New UI
  • Old UI 2014
  • New Home design with Navbar
  • Variants of Attachments:
  • iOS Attachment CR
  • RC Attachment Foot
  • Nova Attachment
  • Attached Stock
  • Access to the profile from the Action Bar of the Home
  • New Entrys:
  • RC
  • Messenger
  • RC Skype
  • New Action Bar Styles in Conversation
  • New Main Screen Styles:
  • RC Target
  • RC Target V2
  • RC iOS
  • Added new Coloring options:
  • 1.1.1 color of text in yosettings (toolbar)
  • 2.1.1 color of Whatsapp text or user on the home page
  • 2.1.13 Chat Divider Color
  • 3.1.7 color icons and in the entry messenger and instagram
  • 3.1.8 attach icon color
  • 3.1.9 name color and last time in the conversation actionbar
  • 3.1.11 send icon color
  • 3.1.12 microphone icon color
  • 3.1.35 color of name mentioned
  • 3.1.36 color forward icon
  • 3.1.37 background color of the counter within the conversation
  • 1.1.38 text color of the counter within the conversation
  • 2 New Chat Bubbles
  • 4 new ticks
  • New design of Selector de emojis
  • New contact and group info design
  • New floating contact info window design
  • New audio recording style
  • New icons and design for the Glax and ios in the yomods settings and in general Designed in almost its entirety
  • Now RcYowa iOS looks more like Original iOS

Download RC-Fouad WhatsApp 7.70

Before downloading this incredible WhatsApp Mods we recommend you to make a backup of your conversations. Then you will have to remove the WhatsApp or modification that you have installed and install the APK of RC-Fouad WhatsApp that you have chosen (GLAX or iOS version).

RC-Fouad WhatsApp iOS

Here are the links to download RC-Fouad WhatsApp:

Download RC-Fouad WhatsApp 7.70RcYowa GLAX (com.whatsapp) | RcYowa iOS (com.whatsapp)