RC-YoWA updated to version 7.81

RC-Yowa, maybe you also know it by RC-YoWhatsApp or RC-Fouad WhatsApp, is possibly the WhatsApp Mod with more options that exists, and is updated to the new version 7.81 with many new features, something that will not surprise you if you follow the work of its developer, Richard Correa.

To begin with, it must be said that its new base is WhatsApp for Android version 2.18.361, so we will also find in this modification all the new features that this version brought in its day, including some hidden from normal users, such as answering private group messages (select message > menu button > Reply in Private).

RC-YoWA updated to version 7.81 1

What’s new in RC-YoWA 7.81

But that’s not all, RC-YoWA also brings the latest version of the mod on which it is based, YoWhatsApp, some very interesting, such as the return of the Anti-Delete Status mod, which allows us to see States that our contacts have deleted, or the possibility of removing the “forwarded” tag from forwarded messages.

To finish the best of all, RC-YoWA 7.81 also brings many exclusive new features, too many to comment on, as you can read in the complete list of new features:

  • Exclusive : Drawer
  • Exclusive profile picture in the Home
  • Exclusive: new Home added and improved
  • Exclusive: new entrys added
  • New ticks
  • New png For Rcyowa Glax material Icon
  • Exclusive: 3 new Conversation styles
  • New ui retouched for RcYowa ios
  • New style of scrolling on the Home list on the RcYowa glax
  • Added Coloring Recent States 2.1.16 and States
  • Citations 2.1.15
  • Thematization of the drawer in universal options
  • It is now more themed than the previous version.
  • Coloring navbar icons 2.1.1 and toolbar icons in general in the Home page.
  • Colorize the color of the chat cards 2.1.2
  • Colour the background of the stickers : 3.1.28
  • Colorize now The attachments :
    • background 3.1.37
    • text 3.1.38
    • icons for attachment 3.1.39
  • Background color of settings 1.1.0 and text color 1.1.6
  • Put cover photo to drawer 1.1.7
  • New design of adjustments and information of profile style android foot
  • Design ios of adjustments for RcYowa ios
  • Now available first package com.wa – and second package com.rcyowa

Download RC-YoWA 7.81

One of the novelties is the return of the com.rcyowa package, with which we will be able to install the application as an extra number. Also, as you can see in the download links, there are 2 versions, the GLAX version and iOS, for you to choose the one that suits you best.

RC-YoWA updated to version 7.81 2

Before installing, remember to make a backup copy of your conversations. Also, if you install it for the first time before installing it, you must uninstall the WhatsApp or any modification you have installed.

Download RC-YoWA 7.81 > RcYowa GLAX (com.whatsapp) | RcYowa iOS (com.whatsapp) | RcYowa GLAX (com.rcyowa) | RcYowa iOS (com.rcyowa)