Recover deleted photos in WhatsApp easily

Many times we make the mistake of deleting a photo or video we have in WhatsApp, or simply change our minds once we’ve run out of that image. But don’t worry either, as all these files are recoverable using some method that is not very complicated.

There are some ways to recover that photograph or file that we think we have in our WhatsApp, but when we’re going to get a hold of it, it turns out it’s gone. Now let’s explain how to recover them without you having to break your head or regret losing it.

image retrieve deleted photos whatsapp

Make sure you’ve deleted that photo in WhatsApp photo

The first thing you need to do is make sure that the photo or video you’re looking for is definitely deleted from your WhatsApp, and to make it easier than following the steps below.

  • You need to open the Gallery application on your smartphone
  • Inside that Gallery you should look for the WhatsApp Images folder, because that’s where the application saves the images and videos you receive.

That’s exactly where you really have to look for that photograph you’ve lost. Use the full view and discard the square preview, as you will lose important details to identify it. It’s a process that may seem a bit silly, but sometimes we can be surprised and find what we thought we had lost.

How to Recover Photos with WhatsApp Web

We can use WhatsApp Web to retrieve the photos we deleted, which will serve both iOS and Android users. Using this web version of the messaging application we will be able to see the pictures included within the messages, including those that we can’t see on the smartphone. From this version we can download the photos and save them.

  • Using a browser such as Chrome, or any other browser you like, type in the address bar and click on Enter to open this web version of WhatsApp.
  • We continue with the smartphone pressing the menu button with the three points.
  • The pull-down menu will display the WhatsApp Web option.

What remains is to scan the QR code that will appear on the computer screen with the camera of our smartphone pointing it towards the PC screen. The web version of the messaging service must then be loaded.

whatsapp web image

We will only need to locate the message that included the photo we deleted and we will see that it has been downloaded even if it does not appear on the smartphone.

Use WhatsApp Backup

The backup of WhatsApp is good to have activated for cases like this and it is always advisable to use it for any other incident that might happen to us with the service application.

It should be noted at the outset that this method will only work if we use the Android platform. If we use apple iOS, we’ll have to use Apple’s iCloud to keep those backups.

To check if we have a backup copy, and when the last one is made we must follow a few simple steps. If the last copy was made before you accidentally deleted that photo or video, they must still be waiting for you there.

  • We’re going to the three vertical points menu.
  • From there we have to move on to Adjustments.
  • And now we must go to the Chats.
  • We just need to go back up now.

Below the Backup we will find the date when the last backup was performed on Google Drive. By this date you should already know whether or not that photograph has been saved, and if the answer is yes, you can still use this method.

We can’t download WhatsApp backups to see what’s inside because the backup is there to help you retrieve messages and photos when you reinstall the messaging application.

image retrieve photos backup copy

To recover your photos you will need to reinstall WhatsApp and potentially lose any messages received since the backup was made. We have to decide if it’s worth it or not.

  • If we want to uninstall WhatsApp we go to Google play and look for WhatsApp in the search engine, in the results we can click on Uninstall and we will do it quickly while a window asks us to confirm the operation.
  • When we are finished click Install reinstall the messaging application. Once the process is finished, press Open.
  • Now we have to configure the application as if it was the first time we installed it, so we will have to give you permission for the different items and verify the phone number.
  • This is where the Restore option will appear and WhatsApp will download the Google Drive backup.

Click Next to start downloading photos and videos from the backup that are not on your smartphone. There’ll be the photos you deleted. When the process is finished we open the Gallery and check that the photo is deleted. If you need more information about backups you can go to the official WhatsApp website.

Use applications to recover photos

If we have an Android operating system we can also use third-party applications to recover those photos that we have deleted by mistake because it uses the same system in terms of photographs as WhatsApp, so the process for recovering them is very similar.

image retrieve deleted photos Android

One of the most popular applications to do this is DigDeep for Android, which you can find in Google Play and is very easy to use, and it’s also free.

Last hope of recovering a WhatsApp photo

If you’ve used all the methods at your fingertips and haven’t been able to recover that photo or video that you deleted by mistake, the last hope you have is that the contact who sent you the photo still has it handy to resend it to you, although really, this should be the first system to recover a photo.

If you don’t want to make a lot of trouble with the deleted photo when describing to your contact what the photo is, you simply have to press long on the message in which the photo was displayed until the toolbar appears at the top of WhatsApp and the answer mode is activated.

Ask your contact there to resend the photo in question, if you still have it and it is so kind. That being a contact, I’m sure he’ll have no problem resending you the photo.

So far all the methods we know of for recovering deleted photos in WhatsApp, if we know of any other methods we invite you to share it with everyone in the comments.


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