Samsung has patented a smartphone with a new type of “enveloping” screen

Samsung seems to be working on a new generation, or rather a new concept, of the Edge display, according to a recent patent. Of course, like all news of this kind, it is not certain that what is shown is materialized in a real product, however, the images propose what seems to be the natural evolution of the concept without borders.

The patent, in fact, illustrates a new type of “enveloping” screen that covers all the edges of the smartphone, up to the rear of the device. The pictures also show how Samsung could install this type of panel on a smartphone.

image Samsung enveloping screen

Samsung must still improve certain aspects

As described above, this smartphone should offer a completely new user experience and improved grip. We find it hard to imagine what the latter statement can mean, as the total absence of edges in favour of such an extreme touch surface could adversely affect the ergonomics of the smartphone. This is the case, of course, if Samsung has not thought about new solutions to integrate this type of display, effectively excluding involuntary touches.

image enveloping screen

Therefore, we wait to see if these patents will become a commercial product. At the moment, it seems that Samsung is considering several options for its high-end products, including the possibility of adopting a folding screen in the much talked about Samsung Galaxy X.


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