Samsung patents New Fingerprint Sensor on Screen

Samsung has applied for a new patent for the fingerprint sensor under the screen, showing a new implementation suggesting some of the software features that might accompany it. In fact it is not a traditional sensor, as it is a particular module with no less than 12 different pressure points, so the print can be recognized even in various parts of the screen.

As can be seen from the patent, approved in the last few hours and filed last April, Samsung has decided to place a pressure sensor under the screen, while the sensor dedicated to fingerprint scanning is located just above the touchscreen. The images show us different scenarios in which this implementation can be a real advantage for the user: clicking on the gallery icon will immediately verify the identity of the user, hiding private photos if he is not recognized as owner.

Samsung image patents a new fingerprint sensor

Samsung could use this new system for more things

Other scenarios are also suggested, such as access to Samsung Pay virtual credit cards, reading text messages and call logging, and opening an application that provides user authentication. In all of these cases, user verification is already carried out during icon pressing, thus introducing a new way of interacting with the fingerprint sensor, which literally disappears and camouflages perfectly in the user experience.

While some rumors suggest that this solution can be integrated into Samsung’s next high-end range, it is highly unlikely that it will be ready for the debut of the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, which should offer similar solutions to those of S8 and S8 Plus, with some small design differences. You’ll have to wait until Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to see if Samsung will be able to bring the fingerprint sensor under the screen by 2018.


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