Send WhatsApp messages to people you don’t have in your contact

WhatsApp is every day a more complete application passes by, but there are certain features or options that have not yet arrived and to make them we have to use third-party applications. For example, if we want to send someone a message, but don’t want to include them in our contacts, we’ll have to use an application like Mesej Je for WhatsApp.

In some circumstances, for example, when we want to contact someone who sells something that interests us, we must use WhatsApp to communicate, but it is not necessary, or simply not for safety’s sake, to add that unknown person to our contacts. With Mesej Je for WhatsApp we can send you a message, or as many as we want, without having to add it to our contacts, and when the conversation is over forget about that person.

image Mesej Je for WhatsApp

How Works Mesej Je for WhatsApp

How Mesej Je for WhatsApp works can’t be simpler. We download and install the application as the logical one. He will ask us for some special permits that we must grant him, and from there on, practically everything is done. All you have to do is enter the phone number of the person you want to communicate with by message, without forgetting the country code.


Immediately the application will open a conversation in WhatsApp so that we can send you the messages we want without having to save that phone number in the list of our contacts. When we finish the conversation, it closes and we can forget about that person with whom we will probably never speak again.

Descargar Mesej Je for WhatsApp | Google Play

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